Polyacrylamide Used in Coal Washing
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Coal washing polyacrylamide washing is a kind of industrial polyacrylamide. For the treatment of coal slime sewage, coal washing polyacrylamide must be added in an appropriate amount to effectively exert its flocculation effect.

Coal washing polyacrylamide washing is a kind of industrial polyacrylamide. For the treatment of coal slime sewage, coal washing polyacrylamide must be added in an appropriate amount to effectively exert its flocculation effect.

First of all, slime water is composed of coal and water, and its properties mainly include: slime water concentration, viscosity, ash content, chemical properties, and slime particle size. The particle size composition of slime largely determines the difficulty of the slime water sedimentation process. As the particle size becomes finer and the content of fine particles increases, the Brownian motion of the particles will be intensified, the viscosity of the slime water will increase, the surface charge repulsion between the particles will have an obvious effect, and the slime water will have certain colloidal properties, resulting in The slime water is difficult to clarify naturally. The main characteristics of slime water are high concentration, fine particle size, high ash content, most of the particles on the surface are negatively charged, and the same sex repels, so that these particles remain dispersed in the water. They are not only affected by gravity, but also by Brownian motion in the water.

The coal mined in coal mining usually contains some impurities, and the separation efficiency of coal and impurities can be improved by adding flotation agent. The clean coal is flotated, and the tail coal settles. Then the clean coal in the tail coal is recovered by sedimentation, filtration or centrifugation. Polyacrylamide is used in the sedimentation process to promote solid-liquid separation. Then it is sent to the thickener, and the clean water is recovered by the overflow of the thickener and recycled. The powdered clean coal is recovered by filtration and centrifugation. In the process of filtration and centrifugation, polyacrylamide is added again to improve the separation efficiency. For the needs of users in this respect, we have produced coal-washed polyacrylamide, which has a better effect on different coal mines and greatly reduces the dosage of chemicals.