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For the treatment of sludge.

1. For the treatment of sludge. According to the characteristics of the sludge, it is possible to use the corresponding models and specifications of polyacrilaamide and mud can be reasonably treated before entering the press press. During drying, the Flocs are large and the filter fabric of the filter press is not sticky. The filter printing time is long, the mud cake is dense and the drying speed is less than 80%.

2. Polycrilaamide can be used to resolve the treatment of domestic waste water, chemical waste water, organic chemical waste water, such as printing and dyeing, paper manufacture, ethanol, electroplation, pharmaceutical factories , cellars, iron factories, tobacco factories, pharmaceutical factories, food processing factories, etc.

3. It is used in the paper sector, the conservation rate of fillers and dyes is improved. In order to reduce the outflow of raw materials and environmental pollution in the natural environment, the second is to improve the compression resistance of the press paper (including dry compression resistance and humid compression resistance). In addition, the application of the PoliaCrilaamamide Pam can also improve the tear resistance and the porous structure of the paper, thus changing the visual effect and the packaging printing performance and can also be used in food packaging bags and tea.

4. For the petrochemical industry, the oil field, the perforation fluid, the treatment of mud of waste. Avoid water flow, reduce resistance by friction and improve oil production. The recovery of the tertiary oil has been widely used.

5. It is used as a design agent for fabric, with stable sizing performance, less sizing, low speed breaking speeds and smooth nylon fabric.

6. Used in daily chemical plants to thicken moisturizing lotions. The emulsions and thickeners are generally made up of ISOALCANO by LAURIL METACRIATO-7 and C13-14.

7. Other industries are used for the recycling of the concentrated feeding protein. Stable quality and good performance. The recovered protein meal has increased the survival of chicken and body weight. The deposition of eggs has no negative effects. Anti -corrosive coatings, architectural coatings, block of water of materials for civil engineering grouting, construction materials industry, improvement of cement quality, stickers in the construction sector, repair of goals, liquid block, soil improvement, process production production of electropists, industrial printing of printing and tincture plants, etc.

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