Which type of polyacrylamide should be used in glue?

Which type of polyacrylamide should be used in glue? What are the effects of different molecular weights on glue? Is it better to use anionic or non-ionic glue? What is the molecular weight of polyacrylamide that works better?

Polyacrylamide pam is a kind of high molecular polymer, which belongs to a kind of organic flocculant. It has the functions of thickening, flocculation, adhesion and resistance reduction. This must be well understood by everyone, so I will not go into details.

Building glue is the one that has more contact. Commonly used chemical raw materials for construction glue are: polyvinyl alcohol, acrylamide, polyacrylamide, etc. Of course, the role of polyacrylamide in glue is normally a thickening effect. Commonly used construction glue names There are many kinds of construction glues, such as 107, 108, 801, 901. The production process of each construction glue is similar. Adding a small amount of polyacrylamide to the glue will get good viscosity, lubricity and water retention.

For our friends who make glue, the bigger question may be the choice of model.

Generally, anionic polyacrylamide or non-ionic polyacrylamide is used. Different molecular weight products have different viscosities, so the added amount will be different.

Each polyacrylamide manufacturer’s products have different technical advantages. In order to have a clear understanding of its product characteristics, it is necessary to carry out continuous tests to test its viscosity and use effect. However, the overall situation, no matter which polyacrylamide manufacturer is The common characteristics of the products are that anionic polyacrylamide has a high viscosity, and non-ionic polyacrylamide has a better water retention effect, but the overall viscosity is lower. In the actual market application, the author found that anionic polyacrylamide is used in the field of construction glue. The application is more extensive.
There may be many friends, including the author, who actually didn’t really understand how useful polyacrylamide can be? There is also the amount of polyacrylamide! In the author's marketing process, it is recommended that the customer add a proportion of 0.5% of the case. If the glue is added, the consistency is not enough, and if the glue is added, it is more difficult to scrape. This should be based on your own formula requirements and actual field applications to do operability tests to find out the matching points.

In terms of molecular weight selection, it is recommended that the selectivity is about 15 million, and the molecular weight is better, and the cost performance is higher.