Mesh size of polyacrylamide

Mesh Size is defined as the number of openings in one square inch of a screen, which could refer to the particle size of polyacrylamideIn the PAM production process, the particle size can be adjusted. In the preparation process, the most primitive PAM form is colloid, which is then processed into the finished product we have seen through processes such as granulation, crushing and screening.

Different manufacturers have different mesh control. By comparison, we find that some manufacturers have larger product particles, and it is important to select an appropriate particle size according to the production reaction characteristics of the product to shorten the dissolution time when the user uses it. It can also be adjusted according to user needs. Some customers prefer powder to granular products. The mesh size of polyacrylamide is 20-80 mesh, that is, between 0.85mm and 0.2mm. This is granular polyacrylamide. The mesh size of the powdered polyacrylamide could be about 100 meshes.The larger the mesh size, the easier and faster the polyacrylamide is to dissolve, The mesh size of polyacrylamide does not represent the quality of the product.

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