1. The size of the flocculation: the flocculation is too small to affect the speed of drainage. The flocculation is too general to make the flocculation more water and reduce the mud biscuit degree.The molecular weight of polyacrylamide was selected to adjust the size of the flocculation.

2. Sludge characteristics: the first understanding of the source, characteristics and composition of the sludge is the proportion of the sludge.Depending on the nature of the sludge, sludge can be divided into organic and inorganic sludge.Cationic polyacrylamide used for disposal of organic sludge, relative anionic polyacrylamide flocculant used in sludge, inorganic alkali is very strong in the anionic polyacrylamide, and should not be used when strong acid anionic polyacrylamide, high solid content in sludge usually polyacrylamide dosage is large.

3. Flocculation strength: the flocculation should be stable and not broken under the shear action.The progression-polyacrylamide molecular weight or the selection of suitable molecular structure can help to improve the stability of the flocculation.

Ion degrees:

4. polyacrylamide for dewatering sludge, different ion flocculant are available after pick to do first test, select the best suitable polyacrylamide, which can achieve the best effect of flocculant, and can make the dosage, at least, to save money.

5. Dissolution of polyacrylamide: a good solubility for flocculation.The concentration of polyacrylamide solution can be considered when the speed of dissolution is sometimes accelerated.

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