Flocculation is a physicochemical phenomenon during which solid materials in suspension in a liquid agglomerate to form flakes (also called flocs). These flakes will settle to the bottom quickly or float to the surface of the liquid allowing them to be easily separated from the rest of the liquid. Flocculation is a natural phenomenon that can be accelerated using chemicals called flocculants or flocculating agents.

Shandong Welldone manufacture and sell chemicals for wastewater treatment. We adapt to the needs of each client with flocculants of high quality that meet the most strict requirements. Some of the main industries that use our products are:

- Flocculants for water and process treatment in the Mining Industry

- Flocculants for water treatment for the Oil and gas industry

- Flocculants for wastewater treatment of the Paper Industry

- Flocculants for water treatment of the Food Industry

At Shandong Welldone, you can find good quality products at competitive prices such as sewage polyacrylamides, coagulantsflocculants and other water treatment products.