Polyacrylamide granule or powder need to be dissolved into liquids before being used, but polyacrylamide solution often has a decrease in viscosity and flocculation during use. Common causes include:

1. Solution resting time

  The longer time the polyacrylamide solution rests, the more it degrades, the lower is the viscosity and the worse is the flocculation effect. Generally speaking, the anionic polyacrylamide solution can be stored for seven days, and the cationic polyacrylamide solution can be stored for 24 hours.

2. The influence of temperature

     When the temperature reaches 80-90℃, the 0.1% polyacrylamide solution of PAM with molecular weight of 18 million will degrade to about 5 million in 2-4 hours. As the temperature increases, the degradation becomes faster and faster. At room temperature 25℃, the solution is stable.

3. The influence of mechanical action

Stirring can increase the dissolution rate of polyacrylamide particles. High mixing speed will cut the molecular chain of polyacrylamide. It is recommended that the stirring speed of cationic polyacrylamide solution be controlled within 100 RPM per minute. Do not use very fast stirring equipment and instruments.

4. The influence of sunlight

Sunlight will increase the temperature and cause polyacrylamide to dissolve and degrade, and direct ultraviolet light will rapidly degrade the dissolution. Direct exposure to strong sunlight for 3-5 hours, the molecular weight of polyacrylamide will decrease by 30-50%.

5. The impact of impurities

When dissolving polyacrylamide granule, it is recommended to use deionized water or neutral water. Water hardness or impurities will affect the viscosity and use effect of PAM.

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