The role of polyacrylamide in paper mills mainly includes: dispersant, retention aid, dry strengthening agent, etc...

1. Papermaking additives: cationic polyacrylamide will be used. It can be directly adsorbed on negatively charged fibers, fine fibers and fillers.

2. Retention and uniformity aid:  Papermaking polyacrylamide can improve the quality of paper, improve the dehydration performance of the slurry, increase the retention rate of fillers and fine fibers, reduce the waste of raw materials, save costs and reduce environmental pollution.

3. Filter aid: Non-ionic polyacrylamide is used to improve the filterability of pulp and increase the strength of dry paper. It also acts as a retention aid.

4. Wastewater treatment: The waste water discharged from the paper mill contains a large amount of organic matter, such as straw, trees, etc. Generally, cationic polyacrylamide is used.

5. Dry strengthening aid: Polyacrylamide as a dry strengthening agent has good performance. It needs to be used with cationic additives or alumina to achieve better results and save costs.

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