1. For sludge treatment. According to the characteristics of the sludge, the corresponding polyacrylamide models and specifications can be used, and the sludge can be reasonably treated before entering the filter press. When drying, the flocs are large, and the filter cloth of the filter press is not sticky. The filter press time is long, the mud cake is thick, and the drying rate is less than 80%.

2. Polyacrylamide can be used to solve domestic sewage treatment, chemical wastewater, organic chemical sewage, such as printing and dyeing, papermaking, ethanol, electroplating process, pharmaceutical factory, wine factory, iron factory, tobacco factory, pharmaceutical company, food processing factory, etc.

3. For the paper industry, one is to improve the retention rate of fillers and colorants. In order to reduce the outflow of raw materials and environmental pollution to the natural environment, the second is to improve the compressive strength of printing paper (including dry compressive strength and wet compressive strength). In addition, the application of polyacrylamide PAM can also improve the tear resistance and porous structure of paper, thereby changing the visual effect and packaging printing performance, and can also be used in food and tea packaging bags.

4. For petrochemical industry, oil field, drilling fluid, waste sludge treatment. Avoid water flow, reduce frictional resistance and improve oil production. Tertiary oil recovery has been widely used.

5. It is used as a desizing agent for textiles, with stable sizing performance, less sizing, low breakage rate of textiles, and smooth nylon cloth.

6. Used in daily chemical plants to thicken moisturizing lotions. Emulsions and thickeners typically consist of lauryl methacrylate-7 and C13-14 isoalkane.

7. Other industries are used for the recycling of concentrated feed protein. Stable quality and good performance. The recovered protein meal increased chicken survival and body weight. Laying eggs has no negative effects. Anti-corrosion coatings, architectural coatings, grouting raw materials for civil engineering, water blocking, building materials industry, improving concrete quality, adhesives in the construction industry, caulking repair, liquid blocking, land improvement, industrial production of electroplating process, industrial production of printing and dyeing plants, etc.

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