Polyacrylamide is an inorganic polymer flocculant, which is a linear water-soluble polymer. It is easy to get wet under normal physical conditions, and it is easy to absorb water when exposed to the air. In order to avoid this situation, PAM manufacturers mainly use double-layer kraft paper bags, and the lining moisture-proof treatment can avoid moisture to a certain extent. In the process of long-distance transportation, handling and use, the outer packaging is easily damaged. If not careful, PAM can absorb water and clump together. Once the polyacrylamide agglomerates, it is difficult to dissolve when diluted, reducing the effect and causing unnecessary waste.

Therefore, we suggest that the storage time of solid dosage form should not exceed 6 months, keep moisture-proof and dry, and the storage time of emulsion dosage form should not exceed 3 months. Especially for a large number of units, moisture-proof treatment of warehouses should be done to strictly prevent rainwater erosion.

Once the phenomenon of drug agglomeration occurs, it cannot be discarded directly, which will easily cause environmental pollution and cause unnecessary losses. It is recommended to take the sample from the serious agglomeration first, dissolve it according to the normal dilution ratio until it is completely dissolved, and observe whether the solution is viscous with a stirring bar). If you throw part of the viscosity, it proves that the drug can still be used, but the treatment effect will be reduced, and the dilution ratio can be increased on the basis of the original dose to ensure the actual treatment effect. Conversely, if the clump-free solution is observed to have no viscosity, the drug is essentially ineffective. You can contact the manufacturer for serious medication handling problems.

To sum up, in order to avoid agglomeration of polyacrylamide, avoid damage to the outer packaging from transportation, handling, storage and other links. By choosing a strong manufacturer, through the secondary coating of the outer packaging, the damage of the packaging bag can be greatly avoided, the storage time of the medicine can be prolonged, and the ideal economic benefits can be exerted.

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