Papermaking industry

Polyacrylamide is used in papermaking industry mainly in two aspects: first, the retention rate of filler and pigment is improved to reduce the loss of raw materials and pollution of the environment.The second is to improve the strength of the paper.The use of polyacrylamide can also improve the anti-tearing and porosity of paper to improve the visual and printing performance.

Pharmaceutical industry

One of the characteristics of PAM hydrogels is that, at a critical temperature, the swelling of the water in the water changes with the slightest change in temperature, and the change in volume can reach tens to hundreds of times.This property can be used in the extraction process of aqueous solution to avoid high temperature, which is valuable for some organic or biological material extraction.PAM hydrosol can also be used for drug control release and enzyme package burial, protein electrophoresis, artificial organ material, contact lens, etc.

The mining industry

In the process of mining, a large amount of water is usually used, which is often used to recover the useful solids in the water and to recycle waste water.Application of polyacrylamide flocculation, can promote the granule sinking, and clarification of liquid mud cake dehydration, reduce loss of tailings and water consumption, reduce equipment investment and manufacturing cost, and avoid environmental pollution.

Printing and dyeing industry

Polyacrylamide is used as a sizing agent and finishing agent for fabric processing, as well as a protective covering of soft, anti-wrinkle and anti-mould.It can reduce the breaking rate of spinning yarn by using its strong hygroscopic properties.Polyacrylamide as a post-treatment agent can prevent the static and flame retardant of fabric.