SHANDONG WELLDONE ENVIRONMENTAL NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD. is a worldwide competitor of polyacrylamide for wasted water treatment and drilling fluids. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality polyacrylamide  products had been exported to North America, Europe, Middle East and South-east Asia. We had been listed as CHINA TOP 10 polyacrylamide manufacturer and CHINA TOP 10 polyacrylamide manufacturer, annual production capacity for polyacrylamide 20,000 metric tons.

To offer GREEN CHEMICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY CHEMICAL is our mission, 23 professional engineers are focusing on environmental production technical improvement, 2 teams focusing on offering staff safety guarantee. And we had helped more than 100 companies in solving the problem of wasted water treatment, 300+ companies of environmental grinding.

We look forward to establishing long term cooperation with company from all over the world. Any need, contact us