With the wide application of PAM in industrial production, more and more people know about PAM. Dimer is a water-soluble polymer, which occupies an important position in the water treatment industry. Anionic polyacrylamide can be used not only as a flocculant in water treatment, but also in petroleum, papermaking, printing and dyeing and other industries. Let's take a look at its specific applications in these industries.

First, anionic polyacrylamide is used as a flocculant. For some suspended solids with alkaline or neutral pH value and more suspended solids, anionic polyacrylamide has a good effect of accelerating clarification and promoting filtration. This is because the molecular chain of anionic polyacrylamide contains a certain amount of polar groups, which can adsorb suspended particles in sewage and connect them with large flocs.

The second is the application of anionic polyacrylamide in the paper industry. It can not only effectively improve the tear resistance and porosity of the paper, but also enhance the strength of the paper. When anionic acrylamide is used in the paper industry, it can also reduce the retention rate of pigments and fillers, thereby reducing industrial pollution to the environment and reducing the loss of raw materials.

In addition, anionic polyacrylamide is also used in printing and dyeing, textile, petroleum and other industries. Due to its good hygroscopic properties, yarn breaks in spinning are reduced. In the printing and dyeing industry, PAM can be used as a non-silicon polymer stabilizer for bleaching. The use of anionic polyacrylamide can effectively improve the oil recovery rate and can be used for the treatment and exploitation of waste mud.

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