1) The principle of flocculation: When the flocculant is used for flocculation, it is related to the surface properties of the flocculant, especially the dynamic potential, viscosity, turbidity and the pH value of the suspension. The dynamic potential on the surface of the particles is the cause of particle aggregation Adding PAM with the opposite surface charge can reduce the fast-moving potential and condense.

2) Adsorption and bridging: The molecular chains of the flocculant are fixed on the surface of different particles, and polymer bridges are formed between the particles, so that the particles form aggregates and settle.

3) Surface adsorption: various adsorption of polar group particles on the flocculant molecule.

4) Reinforcement: The molecular chain of the flocculant and the dispersed phase entangle the dispersed phase together through various mechanical, physical, chemical and other actions to form a network, thereby enhancing the effect.

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